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A Murder Mystery Tour in Edinburgh

Last month, my mum and I decided to meet each other in Edinburgh for a couple of days. She flew in from Amsterdam, and I travelled by train from York, where I study. Edinburgh quite reminded me of York, the old historic buildings, the ‘mystical’ feel about it, all just a bit bigger. Just like in York – which is called ‘the most haunted town of England’ – Edinburgh was full of posters advertising Ghost walks.
My mum and I thought this would be an entertaining way of exploring Edinburgh by night, so we decided to take part in a Murder mystery tour. At 8 o’clock we were at the spot the tour was supposed to start at. However, no one else except a curious looking man with a tall black hat was waiting there. This man, not surprisingly, turned out to be our tour guide. We waited for a few more minutes, but no one else showed up. The man said he was happy to just take the two of us, he seemed quite excited and said that this way he could tell even more stories.
One of the first things he asked us was ‘Would you rather be beheaded or hung?’ I chose to be hung, and my mum to be beheaded. The tour guide agreed with me. ‘Imagine’, he told my mum, ‘the person who’s responsible for beheading you had one glass too many, and hits you a couple of times in the shoulder blades beforehand…’It wasn’t long before my mum agreed ‘Okay, I’m convinced’. ‘Nu uh,’ the man said, ‘It’s too late to change now’ I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by this…

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