A diving adventure in Koh Tao, Thailand.

My mum and I had been travelling around Thailand for about three weeks, enjoying the beautiful weather, the idyllic islands, the pampering massages and the numerous, to us unknown, types of fruits, when we arrived at the island ‘Koh Tao’.
We stayed at a lovely resort, where we had our own little bungalow and were entertained at night by the sounds of crickets and frogs. As it turned out, a diving-school was situated at the resort. Discount for all guests! My mum fell for it straight away. I, however, was skeptical. I had seen too many National Geographic episodes, and my imagination regarding sharks was too rich to venture myself into diving lessons. Nevertheless, my mum was determined. She had spoken to the owner of the school, and according to him this particular diving school was ‘the cheapest in the world’, and classes could even be taught in Dutch. I still wasn’t convinced, but, because I had little faith in the practical skills of my mother, I felt a responsibility to accompany her and if needed, to save her.

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