Daytrips, The Netherlands

Celebrating our anniversary at wellnessresort ‘de Zwaluwhoeve’

On the 16th of April, my boyfriend and I will be together for 3 years. To celebrate this, we decided to go to a wellness-resort called ‘de Zwaluwhoeve’, in the Veluwe region. I had never been to this resort before and was surprised by how massive it was. The spa was divided into two ‘squares’ with all different types of saunas and herbal baths. What was specifically great about the place was the impressive gardens outside. We weren’t particularly lucky with the weather, but I could only imagine what it would be like in summer. However, the swimming pool outside was heated, and because it was a colder day, the steam rose from the water, which created a very romantic image, especially when it got dark and the stars and the moon appeared.

Chey and I

There were also a couple of hot-tubs in the garden, and we would usually alternate between the sauna, pool and hot-tub. Not to forgot the freezing plunge tub. I am not a massive fan of going into the ice-cold water after the sauna, but my boyfriend convinced me that it’s a healthy thing to do and that it would be more enjoyable than I thought. Every time I dipped my toe in the water, I felt a bit angry at him… but whenever I was completely in, I must admit, I was happy I had listened to him.
Nevertheless, I preferred to go into something called the ‘ice-cave’, where you can cool off with crunched ice.

We also took part in an activity, where they poured water with specific aromas onto the hot stones, so the steam and odor spread around the sauna. The person who did it then took a towel and danced around with it, which was quite a funny sight. The scents that he presented to us were rose and ice crystal. I came into the sauna with a cold, but specifically after the ice-crystals I could breathe perfectly fine again.
The whole experience was so pampering and relaxing, I even fell asleep in the lounge afterwards!

Although it was great that there was such a variety of choice of saunas, it became rather confusing with respect to the design of the building. I already have no sense of direction, but because everything looked so similar, we were lost a lot of the time. Therefore, I am not even sure if we have actually been to all of the different saunas and baths, but we have definitely been to many. We spent about 10 hours at the resort, and we had secretly smuggled some sandwiches and fruit inside, since bringing food wasn’t officially allowed.
We did have dinner at the restaurant of the resort and enjoyed a luxurious buffet. The people working there were really sweet and they even made a fruit-salad especially for me because I couldn’t have any of the deserts.

The whole day was a delicious treat. On our first anniversary we also went to a wellness-resort, Thermea 2000. I haven’t yet decided which one I prefer, Thermea was a bit cozier and more clearly arranged. However, this one had more facilities and the dinner was delicious. I hope we will have many more anniversaries… only so we can discover more and more wellness resorts obviously.

p,s, We weren’t allowed to take pictures at the resort, so I just added some pictures of happy moments 😉

blog sauna 2

blog sauna 5
blog sauna 4

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