New York, United States

A tribute to New York City

New York,

A city that has captivated me like no other place has ever done before. I started this blog to share with you my experiences and adventures in different places all around the world. As New York has left the biggest stamp on my heart, you will probably see quite a few blogs pass by where I will rant on about all the activities you can undertake in this enchanting city. However, for me to do this, I have to spill it out there; unless you’ve been to NYC, you can’t really give it justice in words to someone. Ouch, that’s a bad start for a blog! Nevertheless, I feel that before writing anything else about NYC, I have to try to explain to you what can’t be explained.


To me, what makes New York so special, is not entirely what you see, but rather how you feel it. It’s the vibe, something that you cannot quite put your finger on. Perhaps it’s the 24/7 nature of the city, the fast-pace of life, the intensity, the variety, the people… Even walking down the streets of NYC with no plans whatsoever is amusing. You can do nothing in particular, and still be happy just being there. Yes, NYC has everything; architecture, dining, museums, great shopping. But it’s the atmosphere of the place itself that makes it The Big Apple.

In NYC, everything fits together, still it’s all very different. Each part of town has its own charm. If you’d ask me what my favourite part of town was, I would probably tell you Greenwich Village, the neighbourhood of ‘Friends’. However, quite likely, I would change my mind in a few seconds and tell you it’s the Theatre-district instead, with all the buzz going around, all the excitement, the spectacle. NYC is not NYC without Broadway. But NYC isn’t NYC without Brooklyn either, or Harlem. And how about its massive China town? It all fits together!
People come from all different backgrounds with different beliefs and ideas, still, in NYC this variety is accepted and encouraged.

However, New York does have a reputation for being quite a dangerous city. I personally have never felt scared at all. Although, I should refine that statement. One time, at Christmas, me and my mother wanted to go to Harlem to visit a gospel church. Unfortunately, we took the wrong tube, and ended up in a place that was completely unknown to us, in the least touristic part of Harlem. On the corner of the street, we saw a group of gangsters hanging around Starbucks with their jeans on their knees, doing something that looked a lot like dealing drugs. We had no idea where we were and wanted to leave straight away. Fortunately we saw a bus approaching the other side of the street. Not knowing which bus it was, or where it would go to, we crossed the street to catch it. While running, we passed a few scary-looking males who smiled at us, revealing golden teeth… and guess what they told us in their deep voices when we rushed by? ‘A very merry Christmas!’. You see, it’s not so bad after all in NYC.

New York is the city I fell in love with, it’s an inspiring place and whenever I return home, all I can think is ‘NewYork City, again!’. I could go on and on about NYC, and probably will in future blogs, where I will tell you more about specific things I have done there.
But if you keep hearing that NYC is so great, and you don’t see what is so special about it, then all I can say is; go and see it yourself, and I’m telling you… it will get under your skin!

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3 thoughts on “A tribute to New York City”

  1. This is awesome! I really want to see about your other trips in Thailand and Canada etc!.. Oh and you should write one for Sifnos too 😉
    Like your writing style! 😀

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